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Reflective Insulation Guys deals in reflective insulators with the major aim of providing a mechanism to reduce heat gain and reduce cooling costs. These reflective insulators are made of reflective material which reflects heat rather than absorbing it. T hey don’t however reduce heat conduction like thermal insulators.


Reflective insulators functioning

Reflective heat travels in a straight line away from any surface that reflects heat. Heat travels from a warm area to a cooler one through conduction, convection and radiation. Heat moves from a hot solid or materials through conduction to a cooler, like the way a spoon placed in a hot cup of tea conducts heat through its handle to the hand. Heat transfer through convection occurs when a liquid or gas is heated, becomes less dense and the liquid cools it becomes denser and falls.

reflective insulation systems work by reducing radiant heat gain. To be effective the reflective surface should face an air space. Dust accumulation on the reflective surface all reduces reflective capability. The radiant barrier should be installed in a manner to minimize dust accumulation on the reflective surface


Radiation in reflective insulators

When the sun heats a roof, it’s the suns radiant energy that makes the roof hot, the heat travels by conduction through the roofing materials to the side of the house. The hot roof radiates the heat energy onto the surfaces. Now here is where you put a reflective insulator to reduce and reflect away the heat to other surfaces.

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Reflective barriers work well when in perpendicular to the radiant energy striking it. The greater the temperature difference between the sides of the radiant barrier material. The greater the benefits reflective insulator can offer.

Reflective insulators are made of highly reflective materials like aluminum applied on both sides of a number of substrate materials such as plastic films and cardboard. Some of these products are fiber reinforced to increase durability ease of handling. Reflective insulators can also be a combination of insulation materials in reflective insulation systems.

Installation of reflective insulators is not such an easy task and requires the services of a certified professional. Reflective Insulation Guys has a number of professionals who are always available when a customer purchases materials for reflective insulators we always have them do the installation for them which is done in such a good way, that it always serves the function so effectively. This installation has made Reflective Insulation Guys the best in installation of reflective that we have clients who need for installation services every day.

If a customer chooses to do the installation themselves they must follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to the letter and also put all the safety precautions in order. The home owner should check the building and fire codes or also get help from the reflective insulation trade association also offer installation tips of reflective insulators. Reflective insulators conduct electricity so workers and homeowners should always avoid making contact with bare electrical wiring. Reflective insulators should also be done in areas where moisture or water doesn’t get in contact with the reflective insulator.

Customers can get more information on reflective insulators by reaching us on 888-565-2111 or visiting Reflective Insulation Guys.

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