About us

Reflective Insulation Guys is dedicated and committed to the provision of high quality reflective insulators to ensure that homes are able to control the temperatures in their houses and that customer get the best materials for the insulating function. We are also committed to making sure our reflective insulators are fitted in such a way that all the safety precautions and procedures are met. With the main objective being the satisfaction and provision of quality we always ensure that there is better communication between our staff and customers so that we are able to determine the exact features such as size, shape and the material to be used to meet the customer requirements. O ur contact centers is always open for clients to contact us on 888-565-2111 and let us know how they want their reflective insulators done and also inquire about our services.

Customer service and customer expectations

We always ensure that our customers are treated with courtesy and respect and that their needs are attended to first. When customers visit us or call us they expect to be served fast without time wastage, to be attended to with courtesy and respect as we believe that making the customer is the best way to get to their pockets and make them buy from us. We also believe in the fact that with no customers we would not exist.customers are our bosses and without them the business would not prosper nor achieve its goals. With our excellent customer service we have been able to attract many customers and get referrals from most of them also.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Reflective Insulation Guys ensures we deal in genuine reflective insulators which are always effective in the purpose that they are supposed to serve. We also ensure we are efficient in supply of reflective materials to the sites where installation is taking place, customers have always appreciated of our effectiveness and efficiency and that the major reason that they keep coming back.

Core Values

Reflective Insulation Guys works under the following core values;

Honesty, we at Reflective Insulation Guys are always honest and truthful in all our dealings with our customers, we deliver at the specified dates and times and always ensure we deliver the right qualities and quantities of the reflective insulating materials.

Teamwork; we believe that for the Reflective Insulation Guys to expand to great horizons we have to work as a team starting from the management, staff and customers and through this there will be efficient flow of activities.

Ethics; Reflective Insulation Guys prescribes to all work ethics and always do things in the right way no matter the situation, we follow the right channels in procurement and supply of reflective materials and always issue the right receipts.

Accountability for all the actions of employees and management, we always ensure that every staff know the role they are supposed to play at work and if anything wrong happens they will be held liable for the mistakes that is caused by ignorance and being irresponsible.

Customers can reach us on 888-565-2111 to get more insight and information about us.

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